Humanity according to Forrest Gump

As good of a movie as Forrest Gump is, after all these years I just realized it’s a film that represents the good/bad of humanity.

Forrest is simple-minded but loves everyone unconditionally, no matter who that person is. His compass is set to True North and everyone and everything he encounters is changed for the better.

Jenny is misguided in many ways but is the product of a tragic childhood. She is a free spirit with good intentions and tries her best to avoid corrupting those she truly loves.

Bubba teaches Forrest the importance of brotherhood/family and shares his knowledge (even if it’s mostly about shrimp) earnestly.

Lt. Dan believes he is predestined to a particular fate and over time (due to said destiny not being fulfilled) becomes resentful and begrudged.

A beautiful film with deeper themes, all told through the mind of a person with a low IQ.

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