Alpaca to Zooplankton

Here’s the real deal meal that is applicable to my personal and work life:

Most of the time, first pass and maybe even second or third and a bit beyond I might not have the answers or anything resembling a solution, not without some deep thought and collaborative ping pong.

In fact, just to elaborate, I typically like to free flow/improvise/organically find my way to and through a process and guess what, it’s 100 percent guaranteed that I’ve mulled over whatever it is at least 1,000 times, pondering every conceivable facet to the best of my knowledge and even then I realize this is a give and take, bones to the grind, elbow greasing journey from point Alpaca to Zooplankton.

And just about every step of the way I’m going to be reliant on the partnerships I form in my day to day and lean heavily into that brain trust because without that aspect I’m just sitting here in my cave with a flashlight making shadow puppets.

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