A Tale of Bad Bosses

Working for a bad boss can take its toll on your health and eventually your physical well being.

It can mean putting up with someone who cultivates a toxic environment and doing so because you have no other options to remove yourself from the situation.

This is where I can lay bare the notion that working for a bad boss can be a good thing, because when you survive it you can then make peace with the situation and let it inform future decisions; perhaps looking out for warning signs or to educate others.

Above all else you can use that individual/individuals as comparisons to great bosses who you look up to as pillars, supporting what you do and as a reminder to let them know why you appreciate them.

I recall the last conversation I had with a bad boss of mine. We were in a room and this boss asked if I wanted to air any grievances and my response was:

“Just that I never want to have a boss like you in my life again. Thank you for showing me that.”

It’s painful, it can have serious affects on your work/life balance, it can start making you question your worth but it’s also a gift. One in which can keep on giving because it stays with you throughout your career and serves as a constant reminder for who you WANT to work for and who you DON’T.

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